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To satisfy our clients, we go further than solving an equation of budget/square meters.
Whether you are selling your primary residence, purchasing a second home or investing in rental property — we know that behind every real estate project lies, first and foremost, a life project.
We take the time to get to know you in order to understand your needs and wishes so we can find the best solution for you.
So don’t hesitate to come and talk to us about your project. Our door is always wide open.

Alexandre SANGAN
Company manager

+33 7 63 31 60 76

With 25 years’ experience in the business, at both operational and strategic levels, Alexandre is well-known for his expertise in real estate. He has managed up to 50 staff members across seven agencies, advised large companies and was involved in developing a high-end real estate network.

In 2017, this lover of rock music took over the Agence des Abbesses, persuaded by the first-class location and the fact that the team who contributes to the agency’s success are 100% aligned with his values, both professionally and personally.

In 2018, Alexandre was one of the founders of the “World Property Business Club” and sits on its executive board. The club connects 750 000 agents across almost 100 countries with the aim to develop real estate internationally. Our French clients now have the opportunity to promote their property through international platforms such as www.worldproperties.com.

Alexandre has also developed his knowledge of taxation applicable to foreigners, a great asset considering the number of active investors in the Paris market.

Today, what he loves more than anything is passing on his knowledge and skills and giving his team the tools to succeed. That said, he admits that he enjoys helping to resolve difficult situations that require a certain level of technical expertise.

Jean-Marc MORIN
Agency manager

+33 6 83 10 53 23

The one who has made Agence des Abbesses a success.
For 28 years, he has been walking the streets of Paris selling, buying and advising our agency’s clients – a remarkable longevity in the real estate sector. Due to his exceptional professional experience, Jean-Marc is widely known beyond the confines of the industry. Those who have met him are inspired by how he approaches his work, the relevance of his advice and his personality. Jean-Marc is the agent everyone knows and recommends.


+33 7 65 17 45 76

“Doing something well is a pleasure that one never tires of” is the mantra Claire applies to everything she does. She is also convinced that everyone can experience more than one life in a lifetime. Today at the Agence des Abbesses, Claire combines her long experience as a field reporter (OU Claire combines her long experience in journalism) with her background in PR and communication. Her previous professional life has equipped Claire with an acute sense of connection and observation and has helped her build invaluable contacts across this city. However, it is her love of architecture and design that has made her one of the most valued advisors when it comes to judging the potential of a space or envisioning a renovation project.

Pauline MOISI
Commercial assistant

+33 6 66 42 43 19

A true “Montmartroise”, Pauline was born and raised in Montmartre and knows the area better than anyone. With her sound knowledge of both the technical and legal aspects of real estate, Pauline has been helping clients realize their most ambitious projects for over ten years. She also spends her evenings and weekends in the district because it’s the place she calls home. You could say that she knows every street like the back of her hand. What does Pauline love most about her day? Meeting people, hands down.


+33 6 07 53 10 20

The one you can always count on. Arnaud’s discipline and sense of commitment are the result of his time in the Chasseurs Alpins, the elite mountain infantry of the French Army. Traveling and building up a successful HR company allowed him to further develop his skills in forming relationships and his ability to understand others. Today, he uses these qualities to assist the clients of Agence des Abbesses. Clients who entrust him with their real estate projects appreciate his reliability and reassurance.

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